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28 January 2010 @ 12:47 am
Summary: What happens when Heechul is so overwhelmed by the fact that there were only 10 members performing on stage during their concert? And what happens when out of that 10, Hangeng is not one of them? He keeps trying to be the tough and cool hyung to the younger members, but now, it seems that it has gotten way too out of hand.

A/N Ah, it had been way too long since i have written a story... But now, i am back! Hahas, okays nevermind me. My first fic of the year! Yes i know, i have my other fic to finish, but with the overwhelming amount of quizzes and homework now a days, i can't seem to find time to write the chapters.. Sorry if this story seems a little @#%$@, but i wrote this during a tutorial of mine (the tutorial was way too boring and i hate the subject..). UNBETA-ED!!! Hope you like it!!! =D


He thought he was fine. He said he was fine. He made himself believe he was fine.

Everyone knew otherwise.

He quickly walked off stage, wiping vigorously at his face. He had no idea why his eyes had started to sting; he had no idea why his heart had suddenly constrict so tightly; he had no idea why this sudden wave of misery had so suddenly come over him. During their concert; in the middle of one of their songs no less.

He pulled his hood tightly over his head as Sorry Sorry – Answer came on. He knew he still had ample time to gather his emotions and get back on stage, showing off that smile he had learnt to perfect over the years.

From overhead, Heechul heard something that made him freeze. Shock and surprise overwhelmed him as he listened; over the music blasting from the numerous speakers, came a chant, over and over again, the same name was being repeated. The name he had missed so much. For the past few weeks, he had hated that person who was bound to that name. The man who had made him cry every night alone, under the covers, hoping the younger members would not hear him.

Hangeng! Hangeng! Hangeng! Hangeng! Hangeng!

His lips formed a smile, a genuine one that had been missing ever since Kangin got into that accident, and it had got even worse when he ‘left’. He felt a tear slide on his cheek. He would never admit it, but he was afraid, so afraid that that man would really leave Super Junior and inevitably leave him. Closing his eyes, he felt hot tears forming once again at the corner of his eyes; he wanted so badly to just leave the building and call the said man and shout all sorts of vulgarities at him, a single A4 piece of paper would not be adequate.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned. Anchovy boy was looking at him with a sad smile on his face. He quickly wiped his tears and tried to laugh it off, but the younger boy dismissed it with a shake of his head.

“Hyung,” Hyukjae muttered.

Just one word and Heechul felt as though his tear ducts had exploded; tears kept running down his face as he covered his face with Hyukjae’s shirt. He did not want to appear weak in front of the younger ones, but he could not help it, his one pillar of support was missing and the chances of him leaving were high.

Hyukjae patted Heechul’s back soothingly; knowing exactly why his hyung was so upset. Seeing him break down during Shining Star was enough to tell all the other members what the law suit meant to him.

“Hankyung-hyung would be fine and will be back with us on stage in no time. He asked Teukie-hyung to pass this to you.” Hyukjae said as he passed a small note to Heechul.

Pulling away from Hyukjae’s shirt, he took the piece of paper from him and opened it.

Chullie, do well for the concert! Sorry that I am not able to say this to in people. Manager-hyung said that I should not go out so often as the media would be on my foot as soon as I step out of the house. Plus, he took away my phoone so I cannot contact you. =( Hoping to see you soon! *我爱你。
Love Geng

“Babo, your hangul is still as bad as ever, even with me teaching you…” Heechul laughed.

He looked up only to find Hyukjae missing; the song was already in the middle of the first chorus. He smiled once again, silently thanking the anchovy and the fake angel for all that they have done. This must have been what they had gone to get when they disappeared from the stadium for two hours.

Hangeng may not be here in the flesh, but it seems, he will never be able to be gone from their sides totally. No matter what, once a Super Junior member, always a Super Junior member.

Pulling back his hood, he jumped on stage and started to sing; it felt as though a huge weight had been removed from his mind, and it felt so good to be able to smile genuinely.



*我爱你 - I Love You

A/N I felt upset when I saw the video of Heenim crying during the Beijing Super Show. And so this was the final product of crying along side with him. Hahas, hope this made all the fans out there who are feeling sad about the law suit a little happier. HeechulXHangeng is real I tell you. =D Hope you guys liked it, comment please! Thank you!! =D
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19 June 2009 @ 04:30 pm

Title: The Killer (2/?)
Author: </a>kyuwoon</span>

Warning: Character death, twisted thoughts
Pairing: KangTeuk (YoungSoo)
Genre: Twisted Romance
Word Count: 1,132
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the boys… Sadly.
Summary: Why killers exist. Sighted and Targeted. That was what Youngwoon thought of when he saw a potential master-piece. This was it; no way was he going to lose this. (Okay, not a good summary but yeah. Haha)


Jungsoo’s life had always revolved around the same few things; work, Teukie, family and music. Everyday without fail, he would wake up exactly at seven in the morning, three rings after his alarm clock goes off. He would then get up and wash up in his bathroom; brushing his teeth approximately 20 times on each side. He would then call Teukie over to help him brush his own set of incisors.


He would spend around another twenty minutes in the bathroom bathing. Never-changing. Pulling on a bathrobe, he would then head out to the kitchen, inserting two pieces of bread into the toaster before flicking the switch for the radio. He would change into his work clothes to the voice of his favourite DJ, Lee Hyukjae, announcing the morning weather and traffic.


Jungsoo would then finish his breakfast with a glass of orange-juice at 7:40am before handing Teukie over to ‘Aunty’ one level above. He would reach the bus-station by 7:50 and reach the café where he worked at by 8:15. It was always like that, over and over again.


However, on this particular day, Jungsoo awoke abruptly at around four. Perhaps he was still drowsy from sleep, but he thought he saw a reflection of a man staring at him from his bed-side window through the mirror. Startled, he jerked up and looked, only to see the empty fire-escape. He argued with himself that he had just imagined it and returned to bed.


However, sleep did not come to him. A thought that kept invading his mind was the fact that he had this nagging feeling, everyday for the past few weeks, it felt as though he was being watched. However, he tried to shrug it off as an over-active imagination.


After what seemed like five minutes, Jungsoo stirred from his sleep, wondering why the room was so bright. Rubbing sleep from his eyes, Jungsoo glanced at the alarm clock standing by his bedside. He nearly screamed when he saw that it read 10:00AM. 


Jumping out of his bed, Jungsoo panicked and quickly ran into the toilet to bathe. By 10:10, Jungsoo was out of the building sprinting for the bus that had just left the station. He was almost to tears when he remembered he forgot to pass Teukie to the Aunty above. Turning around, Jungsoo sprinted back to his apartment.


By the time he was on the bus heading to the café, Jungsoo was already tearing a little. He never had such a bad day before. And because he was so preoccupied with his current situation, he failed to see the glint of silver when the sun rays were reflected off it, or the soft clicking of a camera near by.


Because Jungsoo was so upset after being scolded by his manager, he failed to notice a certain stare from a certain customer, he failed to see the smirk growing on that certain customer’s face as he cleaned up the dirty dishes.


By the time Jungsoo was allowed home, he was so distraught that he didn’t notice another person’s shadow following him a few feet away. However, just meters away from his apartment building, he turned around after he felt the hairs on his neck stand. He knew there was someone there, but he could not see him. Jungsoo hurried quickly into the safety of the building, saying a quick hello to the security guard before heading to the third floor to pay Mr. Lee a visit.


After that, he climbed the stairs lazily, passed his own floor, where only he occupied, and onwards to the sixth floor to thank the Aunty for taking care of Teukie. By the time he entered his own haven, Jungsoo felt like crap. The Aunty had said that Teukie ran straight into her coffee-table toppling the imported French vase that was on it, breaking it into smithereens. He had promised to pay her back, but she had declined it, which made Jungsoo feel even worse.


Grabbing a towel from the fresh-laundry rack, Jungsoo covered his face with it as he closed his eyes and maneuvered blindly into his bathroom. He was in need for a hot shower followed by a nice kimchi dinner. He failed to see the stranger sitting on his couch, nor did he hear the soft foot-steps following him.


He had just unbuttoned his top and turned on the water when a pair of strong arms grabbed him by the neck and pulled him behind. Choking, Jungsoo opened his mouth to scream when a pair of foreign lips crashed painfully onto his. The stranger’s tongue entered his mouth and teased his own. He felt the stranger sucking slightly on his lips as he tried to push him off.


He had dark brown eyes. He felt his heart turn cold as he watched his attacker grin with ecstasy. Before he could register anything else, he was slammed against the wall, incapable of moving as the stranger had pinned either one of his arms at the side. His assailant started kissing his neck, leaving Jungsoo to feel nothing but disgust. He was about to shout when an arm flew up to cover his mouth.


“Hello Jungsoo-ah…” he muttered in a low growl.


His hips were grinding painfully into his as he felt the other man harden. Just as he thought this was it, he was going to get raped in his own bathroom, the man side-stepped out of the bathroom, slamming the door shut after him.


Startled, Jungsoo stayed in that position for nearly a minute before he woke up. He reached for the door, struggling to pull it open. The lock was jammed. He yelled out in frustration as he kept pulling on the door.


By the time he could finally lay down his head and rest, it was around 1:30 in the morning. The police had come and gone, assuring him that they would send more people to patrol around the area. He groaned and rolled over to his side, opening his eyes when he felt something foreign under his skin. Picking it up, Jungsoo eyed the small bear with curiosity. There on the cover, Happy 6th Anniversary Angel was engraved.


Dropping the box, Jungsoo stared at it fearfully. Who left this here? Was it the stranger from before? Questions like these flooded his mind as a soft tune started. Beside the box, Jungsoo spotted a small card. Warily, he leaned forward to pick it up, and when he flipped it open again, he felt his heart go cold again. There, taped to the card, was a blade.


Frightened, the corners of his eyes burned. Closing his eyes, Jungsoo tried to forget about whatever had just happened, and without him even knowing it, he drifted off to the darkness…



A/N I am so sorry I took forever to write this!! I just hope I still have all you curious readers out there!! =D I love receiving comments, so please, don’t hesitate to give me some~ Haha. Hoped you enjoyed this. I don’t think it was as intense as the first chapter, but still. Hope you liked it. =D *Hands out cookies with the boys' names on it*       

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04 June 2009 @ 07:06 pm

Title: The Killer (1/?)
Author: kyuwoon

Warning: Character death, twisted thoughts
Pairing: KangTeuk (YoungSoo)
Genre:Twisted Romance
Word Count: 731
Summary: Why killers exist. Sighted and Targeted. That was what Youngwoon thought of when he saw a potential master-piece. This was it; no way was he going to lose this. (Okay, not a good summary but yeah. Haha)


A/N Hey people. I got this plot off a MV I recently saw. It is one from the Singaporean singer, JJ Lin. Haha. It's called The Killer/杀手 (a must-watch! xD). Since the song and MV were so awesome, I decided to use this as a plot, and of course, I decided to use my favourite couple. Haha. I hope you’ll like it, and the song as well. Haha. =D Also, it has been ages since I last wrote a fanfic, so please pardon the grammar mistakes. Thanks!



Stepping behind a car, Kim Youngwoon counted silently to ten before he stepped away from the stationary vehicle in search of his prey.


His prey was one named Park Jungsoo; he had the softest-looking hair Youngwoon had ever seen, the smoothest and most porcelain-like skin a mortal could ever have. The way his eyes shimmer and dance in the light was enough to make him go crazy – not that he wasn’t – with hunger for the older man. Whenever he saw his prey smile, he would grin in return, knowing that he would be able to have that smile, those lips, on display very soon.


Spotting him once again, Youngwoon swallowed his saliva hungrily as he prowled stealthily after Jungsoo. Today was their sixth anniversary; six months since he marked him as his masterpiece. Ever since then, he, Youngwoon had made it a point, to walk Jungsoo home everyday. He made it a commitment to find out anything and everything about him, such as knowing that Jungsoo had an older sister, his favourite colour was white, he hated plain ordinary green peas, but loved it when it was dipped in wasabi.


And since today was a special day, Youngwoon had decided to let Jungsoo see him for the first time. Nothing more than just a brief encounter. That’s it.


He watched hungrily, like a lion on the hunt as his prey entered a sixth-storey building, towards his averaged sized apartment. Grinning to himself, Youngwoon crossed the street and entered the alley beside it. As if following a routine, Youngwoon jumped onto a low fire-escape, casually climbing to the fifth floor.


He knew this routine by heart. Jungsoo would first pay a short visit to the old man two storey below his; asking him how his day was and if he had eaten. Youngwoon knew. He knew that Jungsoo would then climb up the stairs, passing his floor with little interest before thanking the lady staying one level up for taking care of Teukie – his three-month-old beagle puppy – while he was off at work. Youngwoon knew.


And because he knew all that, Youngwoon had unlatched the window leading to Jungsoo’s bedroom and entered it slightly before Jungsoo leaves the house of the old man downstairs.


Youngwoon leaned against the front door, listening intently for his footsteps. Although tired, he never failed to greet and thank his neighbours. He listened as those footsteps disappeared upstairs. Taking from his side pocket, he removed a small parcel; a silver musical box, engraved with the words ‘Happy 6th Anniversary Angel’. Returning to Jungsoo’s bedroom, he carefully placed it on the bed and left to settle down on the couch in the living room, to wait.


Because he knew his prey so well, Youngwoon remained seated at the couch even as the front door opened. He stayed there as Jungsoo’s voice traveled in from the landing. He remained where he was even as Jungsoo passed by the living room entrance, with a towel covering his head. He waited quietly as he played with Teukie – whom he was already well-acquainted with -, until he heard Jungsoo turn on the water in the bathroom.


Standing up, Youngwoon made his way to the bathroom where he swiftly grabbed his unsuspecting prey by the neck and pulled him backwards.


The startled Jungsoo opened his mouth to yell, however, before he could even get a sound out, Youngwoon had crashed his lip onto his and was forcefully kissing him. Youngwoon took the opportunity and allowed his tongue to enter Jungsoo’s mouth and marked it his.


He made sure Jungsoo had eye-contact with him before he slammed the older boy against the wall. Grinning with ecstasy, Youngwoon held Jungsoo’s arms at either sides of his body and left a trail of butterfly kisses along his neck.


“Hello Jungsoo-ah…” Youngwoon muttered as his hips pushed painfully against Jungsoo’s.


Making sure the older boy would remember him, Youngwoon side-stepped out of the toilet and pulled out a screw-driver from his back-pocket, before jamming it into the lock, ensuring that Jungsoo would not be able to get out on his own.


Licking his lips greedily, Youngwoon missed the other’s touch already. However, he knew that, if he wanted to get his master piece, this was all for today. Leaning down, Youngwoon planted a swift kiss on Teukie, before turning to leave, using the front door this time.




A/N End. Okay, since this is only the first chapter, I hope I have not disappointed you readers. =D It would be great if you could leave a comment, haha, at least I would know, someone actually likes this. As I am having my term-tests currently, I would not be able to update with chapter two soon. Sorry for that! But I really hope you liked this. Thanks for reading!!! =]

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18 March 2009 @ 10:03 pm
Title: Mio Sempre
Author: Kyuwoon
Rating: G
Starring: Eunhyuk and Donghae~
Disclaimer: Nope... Although i really hope i could own them.. xD

Sweat rolled down his cheeks as he tried to get to get his arms in sync with the instructor’s. No matter how he tried, she always succeeded in finding fault in his dance. Biting his lip slightly, he quickly wiped off the remaining droplets of sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand before punching his left arm outwards and slamming his left foot down. Before he could register his next move a blur motion and a stinging sensation materialized on the back of his left arm.

“Stop day-dreaming damn it! Can’t you do just do this one move right?” her voice boomed.

Stunned, he looked up at those furious eyes, glaring at him with such intensity. Biting down a sob, Eunhyuk looked towards his other band members for support. What did I do wrong? he questioned for what seemed to be the millionth time that day.

“You’re supposed to swing your arm like this and not what you did!” she yelled demonstrating a motion similar to what he had just did a few moments ago.
“Why are you so stupid? Just because you’re a little famous doesn’t mean you know everything! When will you ever get this into your head? Now start all over again!”

Confused, Eunhyuk muttered a soft I’m sorry, before shuffling back to his original position. Once again, the soft melody of their new song played and automatically, the beat started to play in his head. He allowed his body to lead; jerking his head upwards towards the mirror at the front of the room, using his entire body weight to throw himself to the ground rolling forward before standing up and punching his left arm outwards and slamming his left foot down.

Once again, as if by instinct, she turned around and yelled at him. Her words felt like the wind during winter attacking him mercilessly. His eyes stung as hot tears formed at the corners of his eyes, What am I doing wrong? he asked silently once again.

“Give him a break! He is doing exactly what you have said! So what is wrong with you!” boomed a voice from his right.

Turning his head, Eunhyuk saw the red-faced Kangin glaring at the instructor. He looked as though he were ready to kill her any moment now. The older boy’s chest heaved up and down quickly as though he had just finished a marathon. From behind, a pair of hands slipped into his fingers gently, he looked up to see his best friend’s warm smile. Donghae… What am I supposed to do? He asked, wanting desperately to sink his face into the other boy’s arms.

“I’m the instructor here! So when I say he can’t dance, he can’t dance! Everyone out!” she roared menacingly back at the older boy.

Turning towards Eunhyuk, her eyes glowered with fury as she spat out his name as though it were poison.
“And you, Eunhyuk-sshi,” sarcasm dripping from her voice.
“Will stay here to practice until you get the moves right.”

A smirk grew across her lips as she silenced the other member’s protests before chasing them out. The door clicked closed as the lock slammed shut leaving him in the empty studio room. Alone, the tears poured out from his eyes as a long-suppressed sob escaped his mouth. Dance was his gift, his best talent, and yet, this woman was able to criticize his every move without fail each time. Why was that possible? Was he really that bad?

Sitting down, Eunhyuk pulled his knees towards his chest as he hugged himself tightly. He felt so vulnerable, so weak. Biting down on his lip, he tried to stop another sob from coming out. Closing his eyes, he laid his head onto his arms and tried to imagine the times where all he knew was the happiness he felt then. Those memories seemed so long ago, so far away…

You are my everything
Nothing your love won't bring
My life is yours alone
The only love I've ever known
Your spirit pulls me through
When nothing else will do
Every night I pray
On bended knee
That you will always be
My everything

“Donghae…” he muttered as more tears squeezed their way out of his closed eyelids.

Every night I pray
down on bended knee
that you will always be
my everything
oh my everything

Just then, reality hit him. His head jerked up and turned towards the direction of the music. Quickly, he stood up and made his way to his bag, the music was coming from the front pocket, along with the soft vibrations. Pulling out his hand-phone, he looked at the screen – Stupid ocean – and smiled.

“Hello?” he muttered into the phone.
“Hey monkey-boy. You feeling alright?” a familiar voice sounded from the tiny device.

“Hmm yeah…” he responded as he wiped the remaining traces of tears away from his face.

“Come to the door, I’m outside.” Donghae said gently.

Turning slowly, Eunhyuk stared at the locked door at the other side of the room. What was Donghae thinking? Moving slowly, Eunhyuk walked to the door and sat down with his back against the door, he closed his eyes and tried to imagine how Donghae was like on the other side of the wooden barricade.

“Don’t worry, your dancing skills are still way better than mine,” Donghae said, a smile forming on his lips.
“She’s just crazy.”

“Don’t say that! You might get in trouble…” Eunhyuk laughed into the phone, allowing his head to lean backwards onto the wood.

“How long have you known me? Do you think I really care about how she thinks? I am not going to give her any respect, not after what she has done to you. I don’t even think any of the other members are going to give her a shred of respect at all. You were dancing perfectly in time, your moves were all in sync with hers, who knows, and you might even have surpassed her standards!” Donghae retorted back.

Sighing deeply, Eunhyuk opened his eyes and stared at the rays of sunlight seeping through the blinds opposite him. The rain had finally stopped; the sun had finally come out from behind the clouds.

“Donghae?” Eunhyuk started.

“Hmm?” he heard him respond.

“Nothing…” he replied absent-mindedly.


“Nothing…” came the soft reply.

What is he thinking? He asked himself. He leaned back and allowed his body to relax on the wooden door as he tried to figure out what the other boy was thinking. That old witch was criticizing him on purpose! Eunhyuk was dancing perfectly, I didn’t see any fault in his dance, so why could she? He questioned angrily inside.

Turning his head slightly, he looked at the door, certain that the other boy was right there by the door on the other side as well. Through the phone in his hand, he heard the other boy take in a shaky breath of air, evident that he had been crying before. He wanted to be there for him, to hug him when he needed a hug, to wipe his tears to say it’ll be alright.

“Hyukjae, do you remember that phrase I once said to you? The one that was meant for you only?” Donghae asked as he stared out of the window to his left; the sun was shining again.

“You mean the one in Italian? I don’t even know what it means!” Eunhyuk muttered a soft laugh.

“I know, but do you still remember the phrase?” Donghae asked again as he closed his eyes.

“Yeah, Mio sempre, wasn’t it?” came the older boy’s voice.

A soft smile grew on the younger boy’s face. He remembered it after all…

“You wanna know what it means?” Donghae asked, the smile growing.

“Yeah, what?” came the reply.

A soft laughter burst out from his lips before he could stop himself; this was going to be his own little secret. Eunhyuk was never going to find out what that meant considering the fact that he always ran away from books and knowledge. Mine Always… He chuckled.

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17 March 2009 @ 05:03 pm
Author; Kyuwoon
Pairing; Kangteuk
Rating; G
Summary; Leeteuk is feeling lonely after promotions are canceled. He's feeling most vulnerable and is on the verge of breaking down when he is chanced upon by his younger band-mate. 
Disclaimer: I don't own any one from Super Junior, even though i really want to..


Sighing deeply, he reached out to shut his laptop. He never thought he would feel this way again, but it was true, he was bored - literally to tears. He thought he could past his time surfing the net, but to no avail.

Rising, he walked towards his full-length window. The afternoon sun was hidden behind some clouds, indicating the coming of a storm. It had only been four days since the promotions were canceled, he thought he would be able to relax and do anything he wanted – apparently, his body had already gotten used to his hectic schedules; waking up early, sleeping late, not having proper meals… Now that he had time on his hands, time which seemed to have flew right past him, now seemed to have slowed down to a nauseating crawl, This is so boring! He whined silently.

He allowed himself to settle down by the window as he looked through a sheet of transparent white curtains. He did not want to risk getting seen by the reporters. Grabbing his biggest panda soft-toy, he hugged the inanimate bear tightly to his chest.

He missed his band members. Alot. He missed the days they spent behaving like wild animals in the dorm. He missed the warm feeling of being surrounded by the ones he cared about at dinner time. He even missed the countless amount of nagging he had to give to the other members.

A single tear rolled down the side of his cheek. Only when it dropped onto the back of his hand did he realize it. Surprised, he quickly brought a hand up to wipe the tears that were welling up in his eyes. Why am I crying? He questioned. Just then, the images and the memories of the fun days with his band members flooded his mind’s eye, and he felt as though a knife had just pierce into him. He could not stop the stinging sensation in his eyes as more tears began to fall.

“Hyung!” Came a familiar voice as the door opened.

Turning quickly to wards the door, he saw the grin flatter and disappear from the younger boy’s face. Kangin. Flustered, he quickly wiped his face with the back of his hand – trying his best to get rid of the evidence before it was too late.

“I don’t know what came over me!” he laughed, trying his best to ease the tension.

Covering his face with the panda, he felt his eyes sting even more as hot tears formed and fell from his eyes. He did not want the younger boy to see him at his weakest moment. With each sob, breathing became a harder task. He heard the sound of a large item falling onto his wooden bedroom floor and the sound of hurried footsteps approach him. Hugging the toy closer, he chose to use it as his shield, to protect him before the younger boy could enter.

“Teukie hyung… Hyung!” he heard the familiar voice mutter.

A pair of strong arms pulled onto the soft-toy trying to take it away.

“Go away!” he yelled.

The pressure disappeared for a moment before the toy was ripped out from his hold and he saw the younger boy looking at him with worried eyes. Settling down before Leeteuk, Kangin reached out to wipe the remaining tears from the older boy’s face.

“Hyung, what happened?” He asked gently as he handed the panda back to the older boy.

“I don’t know…” Leeteuk muttered as he hugged onto his toy once again.

He didn’t know how to explain to Kangin. He felt lonely; he did not know what to do. Even if he told this to Kangin, what could he do? Turning away, he looked at the dark clouds forming outside in the sky. He wanted to move back to the dorm, he missed his brothers; he wanted to sing and dance with them again. Six was not enough; he wanted all thirteen to be together again, on the same stage at the same time.

“I thought that you may be bored so I brought some stuff over for you,” Kangin muttered softly.

He did not know what had gotten into the older boy. He only wanted to try and cheer him up. Although promotions were canceled, his schedule was still as hectic as before with the musical coming up. Standing up, he walked over to the bag he had thrown on the floor after he saw Leeteuk crying.

From inside, he took out CDs, VCDs, DVDs, his PSP and a board game and placed them onto Leeteuk’s bed. From the other bag, he removed bags of potato chips, soft drinks and a few bottles of beer.

“I also invited the other members to come and crash here for the night. We all need a little break now and then, so I thought why not at your house – seeing that you are our leader.” Kangin explained.

Stunned, Leeteuk turned and looked at the younger boy. He was standing there looking as though he was going to be reprimanded for doing something naughty. Looking at the picture in front of him, a smile grew on his lips – Thank you Kangin!

“Give it to me! Give it to me!!” Heechul yelled as he tried to snatch the bag of chips from Hangeng.

“You ate the other two bags by yourself!” Leeteuk laughed as he sat down onto the floor by his bed.

“I did not! Hyukjae helped too!”

A roar of laughter sounded as the door was pushed open to reveal the face of yet another member. All eyes turned to the newcomer as silence dominated the moment.

“Donghae!” Eunhyuk cried out as he jumped up to hug his best friend.

“Yah! I still want those chips!” Heechul whined.

Glancing around, Leeteuk looked at the faces of each of his members. It had been a long time since they were able to be united together like this.

“Since Kibum is here with us today, we have to take lots and lots of pictures!!” Sungmin announced as he produced his bright pink camera from his bag.

In unison, all of them agreed as they scrambled to get into position. Leeteuk could not help but smile. This was more like it.

“Smile!” Came Sungmin’s voice as he suddenly turned at Leeteuk’s direction.

Taken aback, he felt someone place an arm across his shoulders and a pair of gentle lips on his cheeks. In the split of a second, the picture was taken. Turning to his left, Leeteuk saw Kangin return the smile.

“Hope you didn’t mind!” Kangin laughed as his arm slipped from Leeteuk’s shoulder and into his hand.

A gentle smile grew across his lips as he allowed the younger boy pull him into another picture.

A family is meant to be together. When I am in this circle, I feel as though I can just relax and be myself. This is where I want to be, this is my family, my brothers. The people who I hold closest to my heart, the people who are important to me, are them…


Here is my very first fanfic on the couple, actually, this is my very first fanfic on Super Junior!

Kangteuk is my favourite Super Junior pairing ever~! Next would be Eunhae. =] I have one of that coming, not to forget a Hanchul as well.

Oh yes, i'm sorry if Leeteuk seemed very OOC here. I guess i tend to have a very weak character and one very strong character in my stories. You would be able to see the pattern in my next few stories too. I just hope it won't tire you out.

Hoped you enjoyed it. Comments would be greatly appreciated. ^^

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17 March 2009 @ 04:37 pm
I've just started my own livejournal.

Why? Because i want to use this site as an outlet for me to post my little creative sparks aka stories. Not a lot i must say, will know of this page, as i tend to keep my writings a secret. 

I have, in the past written and posted a few stories on Fanfiction.net, Winglin,net and Fictionpress.com.
I've got much positive response on the first two sites i've stated. The latter was just my wishful imagination. =]

Well, i shall start a little to explain what sort of stories i shall be posting here now shall i? Seeing as i am currently very addicted to the Korean idol band, Super Junior, i suspect most of my stories would be related to them one way or another. So i shall warn you, to only stay on this page if you're a fan of them. =]

I have never written anything pass the ratings of PG-13/T. Just to say, all my writings are relatively safe for the younger ones. But that does not mean i will not venture further into the adult-content. I try my very best not to insert any form of extreme vulgarities in any of my stories as i find it very crude. Yes, call me old-fashioned or whatsoever. I am the author, so like it or not, i am in-charge.

However, i will be very happy, if you who actually reads my stories will leave a comment or two to tell me how my writing is. Good, bad, anything, as long as it does not go to the extent of you cursing my parents or something along those lines. Plus, i will not tolerate anyone coming here to insult or curse Super Junior in any way. If you do, heed this, you will suffer under us ELFs. Trust me. ELFs are capable of doing anything, literally.

So i shall end this post now, and get on with my stories shall i? I have three stories ready and waiting to be posted. I wrote them last year, so i hope it shall meet your standards.

Thank you once again for coming here to read. I hope you'll enjoy whatever you find here!

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